Force-Sensing Optical Tweezers and Optical Trapping

For the first time, dual beam force-sensing optical tweezers can be seamlessly integrated onto inverted optical microscopes, combining advanced optical and confocal techniques such as single molecule fluorescence in an easy-to-use small footprint system.

Our unique tweezers technology (also known as a Photonic Force Microscope) enables the quantification of molecular, cellular and micro-rheological processes. Applications include molecular motor mechanics, binding/elasticity of DNA and proteins, cell membrane dynamics and particle uptake into cells. The NanoTracker™ is used in material science and soft matter applications ranging from the characterization of mechanical properties such as adhesion, viscoelasticity or deformation, to optical, thermodynamic or nanomanipulation experiments with trapped particles.

JPK's NanoTracker™ technology is set to revolutionize research in nanoscience, biophysics, polymer science, biochemistry, cell biology, drug discovery, microbiology, toxicology and many other fields.

Thumbnail Ot Afm Combi System

OT-AFM Combi-System

NanoTracker™ & NanoWizard® - Powerful combination of Optical Tweezers & AFM in one system for force measurements in 2D and 3D from 500fN to 10nN.


NanoTracker™ 2

Modular force-sensing optical tweezers and optical trapping platform for applications ranging from single-molecules to living cells.