True atomic resolution and fast scanning in the most flexible AFM system. Performance made in Germany.

The NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed AFM system sets a new standard in terms of resolution paired with scan speed. It enables fast scanning with more than 300 lines/sec in air and liquid, combined with excellent resolution. The optimized cantilever deflection detection system comes with the lowest noise level of any of today’s AFMs. JPK's electronics with the highest bandwidth, rigid mechanics and newly designed high-voltage amplifiers deliver the most accurate force control available, even on delicate sample structures.

The use of customized flexure stage scanner technology results in completely flat scans without bow effects. The most advanced closed-loop control, based on capacitive sensors, delivers atomic resolution and completely eliminates all piezo inaccuracies.

The image shows true atomic resolution of mica (click on the image for details).

Fast AFM scanning to see dynamics, from single molecules to living cells

A current challenge for AFM is to see dynamics in-situ with the highest spatial resolution. With the NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed AFM, combined with standard inverted optical microscopy with condenser optics, fast scanning in-situ AFM experiments are now possible.

Fast AFM scanning can be performed on living cells in a Petri dish or to study single molecule dynamics. Experiments can be triggered, or sample properties can be controlled with simultaneous environmental control (temperature, gas or fluid exchange etc.).

Experiments involving polymer phase transitions, crystallization, enzymatic reactions, film or fibril growth and electrochemical reactions can all be performed in-situ.

The video shows the central pattern of a soft DNA Origami imaged in buffer with 105 lines/sec.

Correlative microscopy by combining AFM and optical microscopy

Multiparameter microscopy is a key technology in Life Science today. Modern optical super-resolution methods such as STED or PALM/STORM have now reached sub 100nm resolution. With its scanning speed, the NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed AFM has further closed the gap of speed and resolution between those methods.

JPK has been a pioneer in combining AFM and advanced optical microscopy for more than a decade. The NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed system continues in this spirit by combining AFM with both inverted microscopy and upright optics (Upright Fluorescence Kit (UFK) and the BioMat™ workstation). Here, JPK’s unique DirectOverlay™ mode plays an essential role in the perfect correlation of data unmatched by any other commercial AFM system. Software tools for video capture and processing have been implemented. All of these advantages lead to high productivity for the user and make the system perfect for both advanced research and routine work in multiuser facilities.

JPK's easy-to-use QI™ mode enables the user to obtain quantitative data maps. High resolution data for adhesion, stiffness, dissipation, conductivity or molecular recognition can even be acquired on delicate and difficult samples.

The image shows living cell dynamics (click on the image for details).

Flexibility and upgradability for tomorrow’s research projects

According to JPK’s philosophy, the system combines robustness with modularity for the highest level of usability. JPK’s expertise in Liquid-AFM is demonstrated by the liquid proof system design as well as in a large variety of dedicated easy-to-clean liquid cells for any application.

The cutting-edge, high bandwidth Vortis™ control electronics guarantee a maximum degree of freedom in the choice of measurement modes, signal access and accessories for environmental control, electrochemistry or optics.A large number of different accessories such as scan heads (ForceRobot®, CellHesion® 200) or sample stages (CellHesion® or TAO™) can be used with the system.

Key features

  • Fast scanning >300Hz line rate in air and liquid with excellent resolution
  • True atomic resolution in closed-loop mode by lowest scanner, position-sensor and detection-system noise level
  • Comes with the easy-to-use QI™ mode for quantitative material property mapping
  • Unique integration with optical microscopy by tip-scanning design and patented DirectOverlay™ mode for most precise correlative microscopy
  • Comprehensive force measurements from single molecules to living cells
  • Highest flexibility and upgradeability with a broad range of modes and accessories

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