• Atomic lattice resolution
  • Tip-scanning stand-alone system, the only choice for simultaneous AFM and optics experiments
  • Rigid low noise and liquid-safe design
  • Low noise cantilever deflection detection system <15pm RMS
  • Closed-loop for reproducible tip positioning and longtime position stability IR deflection detection light source with low coherence
  • Transmission illumination with standard condensers for precise brightfield, DIC and phase contrast
  • Intelligent and automated approach with user defined parameters for soft landing
  • Scanner unit:
    • Flexure stage scanner design with decoupled, low mass z scanner
    • 100×100×15µm³ scan range for the head

Sense+ Controller

  • State-of-the-art digital controller with lowest noise levels
  • Passive cooling without a fan
  • Front connectors for electrical modules and other accessories

New workflow-based V7 SPMControl software

  • True multi-user platform, perfect for imaging facilities
  • User-programmable software
  • Fully automated sensitivity and spring-constant calibration using thermal noise or Sader method
  • New DirectOverlay 2 option for combined optical and AFM information
  • Improved ForceWatch™ and TipSaver™ mode for force spectroscopy and imaging
  • Advanced spectroscopy modes such as various force clamp modes or ramp designs
  • Powerful Data Processing (DP) with full functionality for data export, fitting, filtering, edge detection, 3D rendering, FFT, cross section, etc.
  • Powerful batch processing of force curves and images including WLC, FJC, step-fitting, JKR, DMT model and other analyses

Stages and sample holders

  • Stages are available for all major inverted optical microscope manufacturers
  • Liquid-safe, robust and drift-minimized design
  • Manual precision stage with 20×20mm2 travel range and independent positioning of tip and sample with respect to the optical axis
  • Holders for Petri dishes, coverslips, microscope slides, metal SPM stubs, etc.
  • Special holders and liquid cells possible
  • Large Ø140×18mm3 free sample volume

Fluid cell options

  • Inert glass standard cantilever holders for experiments in droplets or custom fluid cells
  • Patented BioCell™ for high-NA immersion lenses and high-resolution AFM down to the single molecule level
  • CoverslipHolder offers the same capability as the BioCell for ambient temperature experiments
  • Temperature controlled electrochemistry cell ECCell™ with transmission illumination
  • PetriDishHeater™, perfect for living cells
  • SmallCell™ small volume version for aqueous solutions

Optical configurations

  • Fits on inverted microscopes from
    • Zeiss (Axio Observer, Axio Vert 100/200, Axio Vert A1)
    • Olympus (IX line)
    • Nikon (TE 2000, Ti/Ti2 line)
    • and Leica (DMi line)
  • Fully simultaneous operation with optical phase contrast and DIC using standard condensers
  • Compatible with commercial confocal microscopes and fluorescence techniques such as TIRF, FRET, FCS, FRAP, FLIM, spinning disk, PALM, STORM, STED
  • AFM and upright high-NA optics combination with the JPK BioMAT workstation (see BioMAT brochure)
  • Large variety of high-end EM-CCD cameras supported
  • TopViewOptics™ video optics for opaque samples

Temperature control options

  • Ambient to 300°C temperature range with 0.1°C precision with the JPK High Temperature Heating Stage (HTHS™)
  • -35°C to 120°C temperature range with 0.1°C precision with the JPK Heating Cooling Module (HCM™)
  • -120°C up to 22°C with the JPK CryoStage

Options (see Accessories Handbook)

  • Motorized precision stage with 20×20mm² travel range with joystick or software control
  • Different sample holders, cantilever holders and stages for every application
  • Stage-up kit for tall samples
  • StretchingStage for AFM and samples under mechanical load
  • Large choice of add-ons such as temperature controls and liquid cells even for aggressive solvents
  • CellHesion® module with extra 100µm closed loop z range FluidFM® ADD-ON from Cytosurge
  • Cameras and light sources for video imaging or fluorescence
  • Vibration and acoustic isolation

Standard Operating Modes

Imaging modes
  • Tapping™ Mode with PhaseImaging™
  • Contact mode with lateral force microscopy (LFM)
Force spectroscopy (air or liquid)
  • Static and dynamic spectroscopy
  • Advanced Force Mapping

Optional Modes

  • NEW PeakForce Tapping
  • Higher harmonics imaging
  • NEW Contact resonance AFM
  • Conductive AFM
  • Kelvin Probe Microscopy
  • MFM and EFM
  • STM
  • Electrical spectroscopy modes
  • Piezoresponse Microscopy
  • Electrochemistry with temperature control and optical microscopy
  • NanoLithography
  • NanoManipulation
  • Nanoindentation
  • Scanning Thermal AFM
  • NEW FluidFM solution from Cytosurge
  • ExperimentPlanner™ for designing a specific measurement workflow
  • RampDesigner™ for custom designed clamp and ramp experiments
  • ExperimentControl™ feature for remote experiment control
  • NEW DirectOverlay 2 for combined AFM and optical microscopy