NanoWizard® Sense is the perfect choice for getting started with high-end AFM. Zeolite crystal SOAS cells DNA molecule

The NanoWizard® Sense marks the entry into the NanoWizard® family. It is a solid and affordable instrument with JPK’s proven quality. With its modular and flexible design, it can be upgraded stepwise to a full NanoWizard® 4 system with application-specific components and add-on features.

The images show Zeolite crystal in liquid, DNA in buffer and a SOAS living cell (click on the images for details).

Key Features

    • Designed for high quality imaging in air and liquid with excellent resolution, lowest noise and maximum usability
    • Unique integration with optical microscopy by tip-scanning design, DirectOverlay™ mode and smart engineering
    • Comprehensive force measurements from single molecules to living cells
    • High flexibility with a broad range of modes and accessories to characterize mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic and chemical samples properties, including state of the art FluidFM cantilevers for cell injection and manipulation
    • Can easily be upgraded to a full NanoWizard® 4 AFM system

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Nw Sense Setup 1000