TC-CAFM module

Tunneling Current Conductive AFM (TC-CAFM) module for low-conducting samples.

  • Highest-performance, lowest current conductive AFM experiments
  • Records local I/V curves
  • Bias voltage range ± 10 V
  • Different current ranges available
    • Current range with a gain 1*109 up to ± 10 nA with a noise limit 100fA RMS in imaging bandwidth
    • Other current ranges on request
  • Optional version with closed sample volume for experiments in defined atmosphere with a volume of 140 µL
  • In combination with QI™ Advanced mode and NanoWizard® mechanical and electrical data can be correlated on the nanoscale in a single scan
  • With QI™ Advanced high resolution and low noise, current mapping on fragile, brittle and loosely attached samples with virtually no tip wear due to eliminated lateral forces


Tc Cafm Module