Modular Glove Box system

  • Turnkey solution for environmental control of measurements with the JPK NanoWizard ® AFM family
  • Option with integrated gas purification
  • O2 and H2O concentrations ≤ 1 ppm
  • Touch screen operation for ease of use
  • Flexible antechambers and feed throughs options
  • Low acoustic noise level and therefore perfect for AFM operation
  • Stable frame support structure with integrated anti-vibration isolation ensures highest AFM performance
  • Imaging of mechanical, electrical and electrochemical properties with JPK’s new QI™ Advanced imaging mode
  • Combinable with JPK’s standard accessories, e.g. heating, cooling, conductive AFM, STM and electrochemistry
  • Different glove box models available from
    • GS GLOVEBOX or
    • MBRAUN


Modular Glove Box System