JPK announces expansion of its global sales and service activities in China and USA

JPK Instruments, a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter announces the expansion of their operations in China and USA.

JPK continues to expand their activities in Asia and North America. To support this, new resources have recently been put in place to provide increased applications and service support to their growing installed user base. JPK’s new Chinese office is located in Shanghai, one of the hotspots for research in China. The location will be fully equipped with a demonstration facility to run samples from customers and to demonstrate JPK’s products.The applications scientists are Dr Ming Ye and Dr Philip Liu. Both are well-known in the field of atomic force microscopy, AFM, especially for nano and life science applications.

Starting from May, Thomas Zhang will manage the operations in China. Mr Zhang holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and applied chemistry plus a master of science in management. He is very experienced in the sale of scientific instrumentation including surface metrology, nanoscience and chemical analysis. His past roles have included appointments for Perkin Elmer, Veeco and NewSpec.

In USA, JPK has appointed Ragona Scientific as representative. Ragona Scientific is a privately held, well-established and successful company and will present JPK products in East USA and Canada. The company supplies a range of scientific equipment to both the academic and industrial research community. President of Ragona Scientific, Dr. Sid Ragona says “With Ragona Scientific’s large customer base and strong support working together with JPK’s top quality, high-end AFM and optical tweezers systems, we form a good partnership to succeed in this growing market.” Torsten Jähnke, CTO and head of sales and marketing from JPK Instruments said: “With the expansion of our operations in China and USA, we bring our high-quality German technology and services to a broader range of users. We see China and USA as excellent markets for us. Part of our philosophy is to serve customers as directly as possible because we think that the close contact is important to drive the process of scientific progress together as a team. Wehave put the right infrastructure and manpower in place to serve customers in China and USA. We have developed dedicated products and solutions for these markets to make our products more attractive to local users. The next step will be to add more personnel to our Chinese operations especially for the Beijing area and to establish a JPK USA subsidiary in the western part of the United States.”

With these additional Chinese and US operations, JPK now provides a worldwide network of dedicated distributors and partners to the ever-growing market for high technology AFM and optical tweezers instrumentation.