To: BNS and JPK Customers

From: Bruker (Nano Surfaces Division) and JPK

Date: July 19, 2018

Dear all:

As announced on July 12th, Bruker has acquired JPK Instruments AG, based in Berlin, Germany. JPK provides world-leading microscopy instrumentation for biomolecular and cellular imaging, as well as force measurements on single molecules, cells, and tissues. With this acquisition, JPK brings to Bruker in-depth expertise in live-cell imaging, cellular mechanics, adhesion, and molecular force measurements, optical trapping, and biological stimulus-response characterization.

JPK will continue to design and manufacture world-class products in Berlin for the life science segment. We strive to have no interruption in the excellent service levels that customers have enjoyed, and no disruptions are expected in ordering, payment, warranty support, and other business processes. Application support will come from the existing JPK team, as well as from the global network of Bruker life science specialists.

This acquisition increases Bruker’s expertise in and commitment to enabling life sciences research. To the already very successful JPK team, we are adding the strength and resources of the global Bruker organization. We will be able to provide direct sales, service, and applications support in all the regions where Bruker’s BNS Division has offices around the world.

Please contact your local Bruker sales and service contacts if you have any concerns or questions about this exciting partnership between Bruker and JPK.


Torsten Jähnke, JPK CTO
Jim Flach, Bruker Nano Surfaces VP WW Sales
David Rossi, Bruker Nano Surfaces EVP/GM AFM