Our approach is guided by the principle that we have also a social and an environmental responsibility to make a difference to people's life:

Social charity

JPK Instruments is committed to supporting charity. We regularly donate to the following aid organizations:

We started our activities in 2007 with donations to the Deutsche Kinderkrebshilfe, an organization dedicated to children with cancer and a subsidiary of the German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe).

Since 2011 we have supported the Berliner Tafel (The Berlin Table). The Berliner Tafel was founded as a non-profit organization in Berlin. It is the oldest "Tafel" in Germany. Since 1993 the members and assistants of the Berliner Tafel have collected donated food and distributed it to social and charitable organizations in the capital.

In addition to these core activities, we also support local social institutions . For example, in 2008 we donated money to a Berlin kindergarten to purchase new furniture, Kita Neheimerstrasse 10, 13507 Berlin, and in 2009 we sponsored another Berlin kindergarten, Kita Milchstrasse e.V., 10969 Berlin

Scientific engagement & young academics support

JPK is highly engaged in furthering science and scientific research:

Since 2011 we are participating in the EU Horizon 2020 Research Fellowship Programme Marie Skłodowska-Curie Initial Training Network:

PhD research project “Biopol”, 2016 – 2018: “Biochemical and mechanochemical mechanisms in polarized cells” in conjunction with University of Sheffield (UK), Institute Curie (France), University College London (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), University of Padua (Italy), Technische Universitaet, Dresden (Germany), National Center for Cardiovascular Research (Spain), MIMETAS (Netherlands), University of Geneva (Switzerland).

PhD research project “Transpol”, 2011 – 2014: “Transport and Signalling mechanism in Polarized Cells: Testing and application of models to characterize cell adhesion, mechanics and signaling processes using atomic force microscopy.” in conjunction with University of Cambridge (UK), Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), Institut Curie (France), Cambridge University (UK), Weizmann Institute (Israel), University of Geneva (Switzerland), University of Southern Denmark, Internat. Inst. of Mol. and Cell Biology (Poland), Silantes GmbH (Germany), University of Sheffield (UK).

Research project DNARepairman: JPK is an associated industrial partner in the Research project: Visualization and identification of DNA mismatch repair complexes on DNA using TIRF-SFM. Partners: National Center for Scientific Research Paris (France), Erasmus MC Rotterdam (Netherlands), FutureSynthesis Poznan (Poland), Leiden University Medical Center (Netherlands), Netherlands Cancer Institute Amsterdam (Netherlands), Justus-Liebig University Giessen (Germany) and University of Bristol (UK).

We also support selected scientific institutions with money or equipment:

In 2014 we sponsored the BIOMOD team of young scientists "Dresden DNAmics" and in 2011 the Biolympics team "Teasing Tweezers" from the BIOTEC Center of the Dresden University of Technology .

In 2011 we sponsored the participation of the two teams from the Molecular Biophysics group from the Humboldt University at Berlin in the “Berlin Marathon Relay”.

In 2009 we donated a NanoWizard® AFM to the German Museum of Masterpieces of Technology and Science in Munich. It is set up in the Open Research Laboratory of the museum (Gläsernes Labor) and enables all visitors to watch scientists of the University of Technology, Munich, at work.

2008 - 2011 we co-sponsored two PhD positions at the University of Cambridge, one at Cavendish Laboratory, and a further at the Cambridge Center for the Physics of Medicine.

2007 - 2010 we co-sponsored a PhD position at the School of Physics of the University of Bristol.

Environmental care

Climate protection and sustainable natural resource management are of great importance to us. We are aware of the importance of minimizing the global CO2 emission and, where possible, only use certified Green Energy products from our local power supplier. Green energy is renewable energy from sources such as wind, solar power, hydro energy and bio gas.

Recycling and cost effectiveness are also important issues in JPK’s environmental policy. We minimize waste by encouraging the exchange and reuse of equipment and materials between departments and pay attention to the economical use of resources like electrical power or paper for print.