• Promoter Nano Wizard Sense Afm1

    Perfect start with proven NanoWizard® technology

  • Promoter Nano Wizard 4 Xp Nano Science

    Extreme performance and flexibility: Fast scanning with up to 150 lines/sec

  • Promoter Nano Wizard 4 Xp

    Extreme performance and ease of use: Fast scanning with up to 150 lines/sec

  • Promoter Nano Wizard Ultra Speed 2 Afm

    True atomic resolution and high-speed imaging with 10 frames/sec

  • Promoter Ot Afm Combi System Ja

    The world's first Op­ti­cal Tweez­ers and AFM Com­bi­na­tion

  • Promoter Qimode

    Quantitative imaging with the NanoWizard® AFM family

Atomic Force Microscopy

Thumb Division Afm

Automated Force Spectroscopy

Thumb Division Afs

Optical Tweezers and Optical Trapping

Thumb Division Optical Tweezers

Cell/Tissue Mechanics and Adhesion

Thumb Division Cell Adhesion

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We are a lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­er of nano-an­a­lyt­i­cal in­stru­ments - in particular atom­ic force mi­cro­scope (AFM) and op­ti­cal tweez­er sys­tems - for life sci­ence and soft mat­ter ap­pli­ca­tions. Take a closer look at our solutions!

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